It’s time to rethink the approach to speech analytics

Four years ago, one of the UK’s largest retailers rolled out a new way of measuring performance for its 1,400 contact centre agents. A speech analytics system, like a giant corporate version of Alexa, would listen to all of the call centre conversations with the customers. It measured what was said and presented this in a shiny dashboard for all managers and staff to see.

“Your calls may be monitored for training and monitoring purposes…”

Modified from the original. Dave Spud, to our knowledge, is not a FTSE100 employee.

Dazzled by the dashboard

Pretty impressive, right? It looks damn good and there was buy-in right from the top. Perhaps understandably, as the investment on…

It’s an omni-shambles out there

Photo Credit— Servicefriend

Common wisdom suggests that the best Customer Experience is driven by offering your customers the greatest variety of contact options: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook messenger, Online Chat, Chat in an app, carrier pigeon… the list goes on. This belief, fuelled by the influence of very astute tech vendors, has resulted in huge (yet wasteful) investments being made. Some brands have an incredible 12 customer contact options. You can even report a water leak via your Alexa App if you live in Cambridge, UK.

However, the smartest companies are now actively restricting consumer choice and enjoying great success. During the last grand…

For many amongst us, it’s been a summer of Zoom and Teams meetings; followed by much remote work procrastination and getting the laundry done. The way we work and the way we communicate has changed. Irrevocably.

A Google Meet Call: I hate that wonky ceiling light…

Just three-days ago (5 Oct 2020), Microsoft announced that it would allow Teams meeting recordings to be shared externally. This offers myself and fellow data scientists a rich new source of content to analyse. With multiple person conference bridge calls, it was impossible to use any AI tools to analyse the audio recording. But with a video stream, the use of facial recognition analytics…

Andrew Moorhouse @ ALITICAL

Conversation scientist; Speech-data nerd. Founder of an advanced analytics firm using AI to eke out human performance gains.

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